Respecting tradition in your modern wedding

A wedding should be the best day of your life. But, as you’ll know if you’ve already started planning yours, no matter how hard you might try it isn’t ever just all about you. Inevitably, no matter how headstrong you try to remain, families on both sides will attempt to weigh in and each party will want their demands met – no matter how ridiculous or outdated their traditions might be!

So how can you have the modern wedding of your dreams while keeping the peace?

The first step is to determine what you are willing to fight for.

Maybe you’re adamant that you want a small, intimate wedding instead of inviting every single distant relative. Make this known to your family and future in-laws, explaining to them the reasons it’s important to you.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t mind that your mum is insisting on a traditional wedding cake when you wanted something more Pinterest-worthy and on-trend. After all, as long as it tastes good, does it really matter?

Pick your battles and only fight for the things that are really important to you. It will save you a lot of grief if early in the planning stages you make peace with the fact that you are not going to be able to please everyone.

Here are some ways to honour tradition without letting it dominate your wedding.  

The dress

Sure, it can be white and maybe you even want a veil, but don’t be afraid to choose striking designs that go against the traditional wedding gown look.

Make a statement with your dress by choosing a more fashion-forward style, perhaps opting to be involved in the design instead of buying off the rack.

The first dance

Your attendees are going to want to witness you and your husband (swoon) twirl around on the dance floor looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. But if the thought of dancing in front of hundreds of people leaves either of you standing in a puddle of nervous sweat, you could have your wedding party join you on the dance floor so not all the attention is on the two of you.

Instead of going for a song that has been done a million times before, pick music that represents the two of you and makes you both comfortable.

Walking down the aisle

You’ll want to make an entrance!

Although the archaic tradition of being “given away” by your father may cause you to cringe, how about asking both parents or your siblings to walk with you?

The bridal party

Gone are the days when bridesmaids all needed to look identical. Keep the purists happy by encouraging your bridesmaids to stick to a certain theme and colour scheme, but allow them to choose a style of dress and accessories that they feel comfortable with.

The ceremony location

If you want to make your wedding truly unique, steer clear of more traditional venues that have been done many times before. Instead of St Peter’s Cathedral, go exploring to discover special locations that speak to both of you as a couple, such as a warehouse venue or the rustic White Hill Estate.

Photos & Video

And, finally, if you’ve been forced to keep things strictly traditional, use your photos and wedding video to express your individuality and creative flair.

Of course, you can capture all the standard milestones (your first kiss as husband and wife, standing with family, throwing the bouquet…) but chat to your photographer and videographer about how to create some memorable moments that you’ll cherish forever.

You can also encourage guests to take their own photos, just don’t forget to create a special wedding day hashtag or use a wedding app so you can find them.

What do you think?

Are you going to be more of a traditional or modern bride – or bridge the gap and forge your own path?

6 Picture Perfect Wedding Venues

So, you’re engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!

Now what?

Picking the venue is pretty much the very first decision you and your fiancée will need to make. Not only is it one of the first decisions, but it is also one of the most important.

Your wedding venue will set the tone for the entire day, so it is important to have a chat about what you both really want, and then it is time to do your research!

We’ve compiled 5 of the most visually striking wedding venues in Adelaide, and each venue also comes with a team of wedding experts that will help make your big day a breeze.

Botanic Gardens of South Australia

If your dream day centers around a connection to nature and you want a magical green backdrop to both your ceremony, and your reception, we recommend you get in touch with Botanic Gardens Weddings.

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens is an inner-city oasis which not only boasts 9 different sites to host the ceremony, but their restaurant has won Restaurant of the Year every year for the past four years, earning them a place in the South Australian Restaurant & Catering Awards Hall of Fame.

Kingsford Homestead

Nestled on the western edge of the Barossa Valley, and perched atop the North Para River, Kingsford Homestead boasts both an impressive history and impressive scenery.

Only a 45-minute drive north from Adelaide International Airport, it is as convenient as a secluded location can get.

The homestead is located on a private 225-acre estate, so you and your guests will have complete privacy.

Kingsford Homestead isn’t just a venue to have your wedding at, they offer a full-scale wedding planning package and will assist each bride from the day they send their invitations, through to the day they post out their thank you cards. Just be sure to book a viewing if you are considering Kingsford as a venue, this is a very private property and drop ins cannot be accommodated.

Mount Lofty House

Arthur Hardy, the renowned Hardy family patriarch, built Mount Loft House as his residence in 1852. His planting of 3 sequoia trees (Californian Redwoods) during the building of his house was the beginning of the botanic gardens on the site which are now managed by the South Australian Botanic Gardens.

Now the site hosts up to 80 guests overnight in their hotel and cabins and they have four restaurants and bars for the classiest of receptions.

This is a stunning historical wedding destination that can be tailored to suit any aesthetic. Casual, classy and elegant – Mount Loft House will not disappoint venue hunters.

Glen Ewin Estate

The Glen Ewin Estate philosophy:

“everything we do is focused on creating the perfect experience for you and your guests. We love to challenge the ordinary, make your taste buds dance and create memories that last a lifetime.”

What more can you ask from a venue hosting your big day?

With three 19th century stone buildings to choose from you can have a quiet, quaint affair or a 380-person soiree.

Situated on the edge of Adelaide’s North Eastern suburbs it is only a 30-minute drive to the estate from the CBD. Get in touch with the wedding team to share your ideas and they will give you and your partner a private personalised tour so you can really visualise what the big day will be like.

And for the true wine connoisseur, they offer a climate-controlled room to store all your wedding day (and night) vino.

InterContinental Adelaide

For the inner city metropolitan bride and groom, it is hard to go past an Intercontinental Hotel in any city! Adelaide’s InterContinental sits along the River Torrens and offers some incredible views from its luxury suites.

Whether you are looking for a simple or an extravagant wedding, InterContinental Adelaide has a dedicated team to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

With the ability to host up to 330 people for a sit-down dinner in their function space, and with enough accommodation for everyone to stay on site, InterContinental Adelaide is the perfect way to spend your day surrounded by style and elegance.

Golding Wines

Less than an hour’s drive from the Adelaide CBD, in the quaint Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal is where you’ll find Golding Wines.

With their large range of delicious wines, you’ll find something to suit the tastes of even your fussiest guests, and the vineyard makes an excellent backdrop for your ceremony!

There’s a sandstone character barn, grassed area and stunning courtyard to suit all types of weddings.

From their location high on the hill, you’ll get some stunning views – no wonder it’s such a sought-after spot to spend your big day!

Over to you…

What do you think? Do you have a favourite? Maybe you’ve had the venue in mind longer than the groom!

Remember when choosing a venue, it’s not just the style you want from your wedding day, but the number of guests, the experience you want them to have, and your budget all need to be considered – but also the amount of support a venue can provide it’s clients can be the difference in making the day enjoyable for you as a couple.

After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?