Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of things do you film on the day?

Our style is to generally not set up posed scenes….we leave the formal arrangements to the photographer and strive to capture a natural record of what your day entailed.

When do you start and finish filming?

Starting and finishing times depend on the amount of coverage you select for your package, the structure of your day, distance between locations and whether there are one or two videographers capturing your day.  We will work out the exact schedule with you prior to the day.

Who will be filming our wedding?

The crew is comprised of a small team of experienced videographers.
We will always let you know when we do our schedule for your day (or when you book if you like), who is going to be the videographer (or videographers) for your wedding.  You can certainly request a specific videographer if available.

How to we receive our wedding video?

Our standard packages include your film or films supplied as high definition MP4 files on a personalised USB.  You can add DVD or Bluray to your package as extras if desired.

How long does the wedding video run for?

The running time of a full documentary depends on the coverage chosen for your package, duration of events filmed on the day (Eg. ceremony and speeches duration) and also on the specific package chosen.

The running time of the highlight films vary and are explained in our packages document.

Can you change or customise any of your packages?

Generally, couples are happy to choose one of the standard packages; perhaps adding some extra options ….however we are happy to fully customise a package for you if required.

Can we choose our own music for the edit?

For our highlight films, we prefer to utilise online music portals which provide us with some high quality and unique tracks.  This also allows the films to be shared online and through social media, unlike those with pop music, which have heavy copyright restrictions.  We always run our music selections by our couples for their ‘ok’ before editing it into the film.

What’s unique about your work?

We’ve been doing this for a long time, but love to evolve to keep our work to the highest standard.  As with photography, the price videography can often reflect experience and quality of the videographer’s work and work processes. We always recommend that couples view our previous work, as we believe the quality and value of our work speaks for itself and nobody does it like we do.

Not only do we utilise fully professional camera equipment and years of experience producing film, documentary and advertising projects, but we incorporate a unique eye for detail and artistic cinematography techniques during the shoot. Following this, we spend a great deal of time to ‘colour touch’ and tweak every single shot in a highlight edit with advanced professional imaging software…ensuring every second of your film-clip is up to our high standards.
…but just view our work and you will see the difference!

Do you retain master copies?

Yes, we keep master copies of your files as files.  We do not however retain all raw un-edited footage. We can certainly however provide additional archive options if requested.

Can you travel for Weddings?

Yes we certainly can. We are able to travel throughout the country and around the world to film your wedding. Obviously some additional charges to cover our travel and accommodation costs will apply (see next question).

Do you charge for travel?

There is no extra charge for travel when locations are within an hour’s drive of the the Adelaide CBD for Adelaide clients, or an hour’s drive from Mildura for Mildura clients. Travel costs beyond these distances are calculated and stated ‘up-front’ when determining the cost for your overall package.  For extensive distances, accommodation costs may also apply.

Do you use lights?

Generally in most conditions the quality of our professional camera equipment and our experience allows us to utilise natural light only. At night and during the reception we utilise a minimal amount of extra lighting to capture the best quality image. However this is used sparingly and a balance between capturing the best quality images and the comfort of your guests is always paramount.

Do you require a meal at reception?

Where a significant portion of the reception is being filmed, we do appreciate being fed.

Is payment required prior to wedding?

In order to secure your booking, we require a non-refundable deposit of $500…..with the final balance of your wedding film package then payable at least one month prior to your wedding day.

How long after a wedding shoot will our film(s) be ready?

Each client’s package can take up to a few weeks to edit and during ‘wedding season’ there may be a large amount of other wedding bookings we have accommodated in the weeks before on on the same day as yours.
As a guide, you can generally expect to wait around 3-5 months following your wedding day, depending on the package you have chosen and any other contributing factors.  We also have the option of a paid express edit service.

Do we get to preview our film before we get the final package?

Yes, with every package we provide a complete full length preview of your final film (or films) prior to authoring any discs or putting your package together.

If you have absolutely any queries that aren’t answered here, please contact us.