Justin & Helen

Wedding Highlight Film, Adelaide Botanic Gardens & National Wine Centre

What an amazing day to be a part of! A great family celebration, a mix of cultures and smiles all ’round. That was what Justin & Helen’s wedding had in abundance…and we had the privilege of capturing it all for them.

Tony & Rosslyn

Tony & Rosslyn

50th Wedding Anniversary ~ Mini Doc

Weddings are all about family, and when you’ve been married for 50 years, the importance and love of family just multiplies.
We were lucky enough to join Tony & Rosslyn & family for their 50th anniversary celebration and capture the smiles and tears for them.

Ferdi & Ida Louise

Wedding Highlight Film, Mildura

We enjoyed shooting this wedding, but it wasn’t until we had the footage in our edit suites that we noticed how many smiles there were all-round on this amazing day. Ferdi and Ida-Louise are a fantastic couple and this was a beautiful day to be a part of.
Here is their touching highlight film.

Katherine & Liam

Wedding Highlight Film

In a gorgeous little park, hidden away in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, Katherine & Liam tied the knot in front of their nearest and dearest. Our team headed out into the sunshine to capture it ….and here is their highlight film

Chris & Ingrid

Wedding Highlight Film, Mildura

Perfect weather…perfect locations…perfect ceremony and speeches….and a perfect couple 🙂
This is how we feel about Chris & Ingrid’s wedding.
Here is their highlight film, reflecting that perfect day.

Tori & Jamie

Wedding Highlight Film, Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Tori & Jamie are a couple like no other. So it goes without saying that when we had the opportunity to capture their big day, we were able to put together a wedding highlight film like no other 🙂
Enjoy the kickass day that was Tori & Jamie’s wedding.

Nick & Felicie

Wedding Highlight Film, St Peter’s College & Playford Hotel

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A beautiful classic church wedding followed by all of the amazing colours and traditions that made Nick & Felicie’s day so memorable. We had the privilege of capturing their wedding and crafting this film for them to look back on for years to come.


Wedding Films - Brad

Wedding Films - BradBrad ~ Videographer & Editor

Brad is a UK born, creative young guy with a Bachelor of Visual Arts to his name. He Loves the whole creative process from when the cameras start rolling, to exporting and watching the final edit and delivering an emotive narrative to our wedding couples.

When not making films, he loves watching movies/TV shows/Youtube and listening to Podcasts….or even just going for a drive to nowhere in particular
His favourite toy is a Glidecam, as they’re such a simple way to make a moving camera smooth and fluid.


Wedding FIlms - Stephen

Wedding FIlms - StephenStephen ~ Cinematographer & Editor

Stephen loves having filmmaking as a creative outlet and most enjoys collaborating with others on a film project and bouncing ideas back and forth.
When not capturing video, he loves playing the drums, writing and producing music….and not to forget being a bit of a craft beer enthusiast.

He loves new technology and his favourite toys are his trusty Glidecam and his macro lens.


Michael - Wedding Films Cinematographer

Michael - Wedding Films CinematographerMichael ~ Cinematographer

Our most experienced camera guy, Michael was trained by both the ABC and BBC and even shared a Logie for his cinematography work!
When not capturing the moving subject, he also loves to continually experiment with still photography and artistic lighting….but reserves an equal amount of love for fine wine, farming and Land Rovers
What he loves most about shooting is that it gives him the privilege of being able to translate as a picture the moments that make us all the flawed and wonderful humans that we are.

…oh, and he doesn’t mind how amazing the pictures from these new small cameras are compared to the monsters that he had to use when he first began in the industry.