Loren & Chris

We had such a blast filming the incredibly fun and utterly fabulous wedding of Loren & Chris!
It was a pleasure to spend a day at Willow & Ivie for their gorgeous ceremony, photo session, and reception, which were all so beautifully curated and bursting with their personalities!
We think we’ve really captured the loving vibes that this day was powered by, and we’re so happy with how it’s turned out!

Angela & Jack

The sun was out, love was in the air (as well as mozzies), and we had simply the best time filming the gorgeous wedding of Angela & Jack!
The Inland Botanic Garden Magenta Woolshed was host to their amazing ceremony and reception, and combined with some amazing photo locations it really turned out to be a truly beautiful event!
These two were so relaxed and fun, and combined with the outpouring of love from everyone around them, it made the whole day a fantastic experience!

Bianca & Peter

We travelled out to Lake Cullulleraine to capture the wild and wonderful wedding of Bianca & Peter!
After a relatively calm morning, the wind picked up just before their lakeside ceremony, sending the veil and anything else not tied down flying!
But nothing detracted from their special day, as they were all smiles throughout whatever challenges arose.
Eventually the wind died down and we were able to get some amazing shots during their photo session, which was followed by their amazing reception, and eventually fireworks!
This was a truly unique and special day for all involved, and we love how this has come together!

Sarah & Tim

It was a gorgeous day, and we had an amazing time last year filming the wedding of Sarah & Tim!
We spent the day at Willow & Ivie where we captured their beautiful ceremony and reception, as well as a little trip out to the river for their photos!
These two were so easy to film, as they were just so relaxed and happy together, they just couldn’t get enough of each other!
We think this really shows the love they share!

Lauren & James

It was an amazing time filming the incredible wedding of Lauren & James!
We went to some truly amazing locations and captured some amazing stuff, from their Sacred Heart Church ceremony, to Ampelon Gardens and Sun Salt for photos, and finally their Club Da Vinci reception!
This was such an emotional day, full of love, and we are so glad we were a part of it!

Sophie & Daniel

It was such a fun time capturing the beautiful wedding of Sophie & Daniel!
Their ceremony was at Sacred Heart Church, followed by photos in some great locations in and around Merbein, ending with an awesome reception at Club Da Vinci!
It was such a bright and colourful day full of love and laughter!

Maddy & Kaine

We had such an awesome time capturing the infinitely fun and beautiful wedding of Maddy & Kaine!
After a heartwarming ‘first look’ out in Gol Gol, Vanden Estate provided a magical location for their ceremony and reception!
There was so much love all around on this magical day, and it really shows!

Alyce & Luke

We had such a ball capturing the sunny, laid back, super fun Friday wedding of Alyce & Luke!
It was amazing to spend a day out at the stunning Ampelon Gardens, as it provided the backdrop for their beautiful ceremony, gorgeous photos and awesome reception!
You could really see the genuine love these two share!

Cindy & Luke

We were thinking TGIF when we got to film the incredibly fun, Friday wedding of Cindy & Luke!
They had their bright and beautiful ceremony in the garden at Sunraysia Resort, followed by photos at Ampelon Gardens, and finished off with a raving reception at Cafe 1909, Mildura.
We loved capturing this special day, and we think this really shows the fun and the love that these two share!

Deanna & Glenn

Sunday was definitely made a fun day when we filmed the goegeous wedding of Deanna & Glen!
Willow & Ivie provided the perfect spaces for their ceremony and reception, and we travelled to some incredible photo locations, including the vines outside Mildura Grand Hotel, the place where they first met, and where Glen proposed!
Full of love and stunning shots, this is a real showstopper!