Carmel & Vincent

Wedding Highlight Film, Ampelon Gardens & Club DaVinci, Mildura wedding video

This day had it all….sun, rain, laughs, tears…and we were lucky enough to be there to capture all of it for Vincent and Carmel. Congratulations on an amazing wedding guys!

Jessie & Robert

Wedding Highlight Film, Darnick, Outback NSW

It was hot, it was dusty and it was unforgettable! We road tripped to the outback to capture Rob & Jessie’s amazing country wedding on the Palmer family’s station.
We loved every minute of capturing this wedding and putting this highlight film together.

Stacey & Gourav

Wedding Highlight Film, Chateau Apollo, Adelaide

Some unique backdrops, some gorgeous, subtle cross-cultural touches and some heartfelt moments.
These are some of the perfect touches that we had the pleasure of sharing with Stacey and Gourav when we captured their amazing wedding. Here is their highlight film…

Daniel & Elizabeth

Wedding Highlight Film, Mildura Wedding Video

Perfect locations, perfect light, amazing couple 🙂
There was laughter and smiles in every direction all day and night – so we had a great time capturing Daniel & Libby’s big day….it was so obvious how much these lovebirds were in love!
Thanks for having us on-board to capture your wedding memories Mr & Mrs Iudica!

Gemma & James

Wedding Highlight Film, Willow & Ivie, Mildura

Nobody could wipe the smile off their faces all day, when James and Gemma tied the knot.
Our videography team captured their day and night and joined in with the laughs. It was an amazing and unforgettable one, that’s for sure 🙂
Here’s their wedding film.

Justin & Helen

Wedding Highlight Film, Adelaide Botanic Gardens & National Wine Centre

What an amazing day to be a part of! A great family celebration, a mix of cultures and smiles all ’round. That was what Justin & Helen’s wedding had in abundance…and we had the privilege of capturing it all for them.

Tony & Rosslyn

Tony & Rosslyn

50th Wedding Anniversary ~ Mini Doc

Weddings are all about family, and when you’ve been married for 50 years, the importance and love of family just multiplies.
We were lucky enough to join Tony & Rosslyn & family for their 50th anniversary celebration and capture the smiles and tears for them.

Ferdi & Ida Louise

Wedding Highlight Film, Mildura

We enjoyed shooting this wedding, but it wasn’t until we had the footage in our edit suites that we noticed how many smiles there were all-round on this amazing day. Ferdi and Ida-Louise are a fantastic couple and this was a beautiful day to be a part of.
Here is their touching highlight film.

Katherine & Liam

Wedding Highlight Film

In a gorgeous little park, hidden away in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide, Katherine & Liam tied the knot in front of their nearest and dearest. Our team headed out into the sunshine to capture it ….and here is their highlight film

Chris & Ingrid

Wedding Highlight Film, Mildura

Perfect weather…perfect locations…perfect ceremony and speeches….and a perfect couple 🙂
This is how we feel about Chris & Ingrid’s wedding.
Here is their highlight film, reflecting that perfect day.